The teams and players selected are the initial teams. Parents have the option to indicate that they will not be able attend the tournament which will incur changes and reserves will be used to fill the openings. Please complete forms.

  • Teams were selected as per selection criteria.
  • We need the information to create a database and to finalize figures to be handed in. We also need to see how many people will use a bus and if a bus will be required.
  • Reserves must also complete the forms. We used almost all our reserves last year for nationals. If they do not make the team they can still attend nationals as part of wildcard teams and play the individual event. They only need to pay R900 for coaching and attend coaching with teams. If and when they are included in a team the rest of the money will be required.
  • Coaching will start end of August. The date will be communicated as well as the venue. As per last year coaching will take place every second week depending on the team and will be between 3 to 4 hours depending on the age group.
  • Coaching is compulsory and players can and will squander their position in the team if sessions are not attended. This is per the selection criteria document.
  • Coaching fees form part of the national fees and do not have to be paid separately.
  • The first coaching session will be for all players to finalize dates and times and we will have a feedback session with all the parents the same evening. We urge all parents to attend the meeting and to ask any questions pertaining to the nationals and the camp.
  • All players representing Ekurhuleni is required to attend the Open tournament being held on 12/13 September 2014. We need to see how they do against other players from other regions for the coaching to be more focused.
  • The camp at Camp Discovery mentioned throughout the year as well as my previous email will take place from 3 to 5 October 2014 (the first weekend of the holidays). It is open for any player that would like to attend but is compulsory for the players going to nationals. We want these teams and players to bond in a relaxed and well organized environment. The players that attended last year enjoyed the camp immensely.
  • Cost for the camp is R700 and includes all their meals and activities. For the parents with small kids that do not want them to sleep out we allow them to come through for the Saturday with the kids. Entrance for the day is R150 and includes lunch only. We will provide more information closer to the date. Please complete the Indemnity form and email to both me and Rene.
  • Updates will be done via the website ( Please make sure that you visit the website on a regular basis as correspondence will not always go out by email. We also have a face book page. Use it as a way of communication or email any of the exco members directly. Please copy me in all emails as all requests, issues, grievances or problems are looked at by the team and not any individual.
  • On any payments made please ensure that the players name and surname is in otherwise we will not know who made payments. Payments are made to the same account as always.
  • Due to the fact that we have deadlines for payments as per the tournament coordinators in Kimberley we will have due dates for the deposit (R4000) and the rest of the money if applicable. The deposit is required by end of September 2014 as we have to make our first payment in October. If the region does not pay on time they enforce penalties on us which will affect all players. Players will receive an official letter from region indicating that they have made the team when proof of payment was received of the deposit.
  • More information will be provided at the parents meeting on the first coaching session.
  • Lodging must be arranged through Rene. For the team event we want the teams to stay at the same hotel for logistical issues, communication and for them to come together as a team. Coaching will be organized at the hotel for all players and the coaches will go through their games after each round.