Ekurhuleni Chess Clubs

We need to register the existing clubs in our areas as well as start new clubs.

The constitution is clear in what needs to happen and who can register as a club. We however need to see this as a process that will take time and clubs will all end up having a constitution and comply to all the required standards. Clubs will play in a club leagues but we first need to register all our clubs officially. There will not be hundreds of clubs but we need to have clubs in all of the areas within the  Ekurhuleni regional boundary. Players can initially upon registration for the union indicate which club is the closest and they will become members of those club unless they register their own club. Clubs will however compete later in a club league and therefore we require that there are a minimum of at least 8 players in a club.

We hope to register as many clubs as possible. Existing clubs must also complete the registration form so that they can be added to the database, website and spatial viewer. All registered clubs will be displayed on the website with all their information and contact details.

Please start the process with us so that we can see which areas have clubs, where are clubs required and which clubs require support. There will be club fees which should be minuscule but the cost will also be communicated through to the club presidents at a later stage.

Your help in this matter is appreciated

Thanks in advance

Riaan Vos