Chairperson’s Report


We are again at the start of the new year with our chess and the region as well as all the changes, rules, requirements and preparation for the year to come. I would appreciate it if you could read all the points as there are again fundamental changes that will affect all our players. Some are small and should not affect your daily lives but others might cause some trepidation. Last year was our “off” year where we basically try to keep our teams in the prestige leagues at nationals that were there and try to get teams in the B Section for the year to come. This year is however our performance year where we would like our players to excel in chess overall, as any other year,  and if all goes according to plan walk onto that stage and collect n few medals at nationals. It is due to this that we had to make some changes and we will get together with the parents at the first tournament and go through these points and discuss them and get your input into them as well.


Our first tournament will be held as per the programme on 20/21 February 2015 at the church as per the entry form attached. You will see that all our tournaments this year accept the trails will be open tournaments where the players play according to rating and not only age groups. This is to give our players more exposure to better players and more players and to build not only their skill levels but also their confidence to play any player irrespective of age or size. Prize money will be given at these tournaments and hopefully we will have more players from other regions playing in our tournaments because of this. Please look at the registration form and complete the form as per the due date and time. Open tournaments are more stressful and we will have to be more stricter on our registration and start time of the tournaments. Please also take note that our tournaments will only be 6 rounds and not seven anymore and that rate of play per section will be applied.

The tournament calendar is on our website. We are waiting for feedback from schools and venues before we can confirm the venues for the tournaments. We will however update the calendar on the line as we get more information and feedback.

All players have to register with the region and the registration fees as per last year will again be R250. All players must register with the region and all players must pay the registration fees. These fees is there to cover the fees for Chessa, the province, the region and our clubs. We have 9 schools that registered officially as clubs with the region and 7 normal clubs. The official registered clubs are on our website. With the registration this year you have to choose one of the registered clubs as your club. You have to belong to a club according to the constitution. Please choose a club as your club that can represent you as a player for any regional decisions. Players that have not paid or registered before the first trails will not be considered for nationals.

The trails this year will be closed events and we will invite players for the trails to compete for the nationals. Players will not receive an invite if their fees are outstanding and they are not registered. This will increase the effectiveness when the team selection takes place and we can have our final teams and players sorted earlier for coaching. We will only work with the players at that stage that want to commit for nationals and to the sport they all enjoy namely chess.

The selection criteria has changed and was adopted to take these changes mentioned earlier into account. Our players need to play more chess. You only succeed in chess if you actually play chess. We require 5 internal tournaments (played within the region)this year and a minimum of six tournaments (internally as well as externally) for the year. This is however the minimum and should not form the basis of your chess for the year. The players should play as many tournaments as possible and these should include external tournaments as well. The new selection criteria will go on the website within the next few days. Please read through it and if there is any questions please contact or email me.

We have to focus on our under 8 and under 10 groups. We need as many players as we can get within these age groups as they will form the basis for the years to come. We will have to look after these kids and prepare them from the beginning. If I can enter three teams per age group I will. To increase our base we have started this year with development tournaments as per the chess calendar. The tournaments only pertain to the primary school players and will be only for a morning, unrated and with the focus on fun and to increase our numbers. The entry fee for these tournaments will not be more than R40. We will also run an incentive for school teachers on our tournaments but this I will discuss with you at the tournament. Please take note that these tournaments do not count towards the required tournaments for nationals.

We will have our camp again this year. It will however be moved earlier as per the calendar to 14 August 2015. Again any player can attend the camp and we hope to see the numbers grow even more than last year. We moved the camp earlier due to the fact that the financial burden for most parents to cover the nationals and the camp is just too much in October. It is great fun and we would like to see all our players at the camp this year. The venue and final arrangements will be communicated later. If there are any parents that know of a great venue for such a camp please inform me. We enjoy Camp Discovery but we would like to keep our options open and the costs down.

We again have a few players attending the SA Closed this year. The good news is that the tournament will be held at Waterkloof this year. The region will again as per every other year pay the registration fees of all the players that have qualified. It is a great honour and a prestigious event and we are proud of the players that qualified which  includes :

Tremayne Neves (Boys Under 8)

James Dinham (Boys Under 12)

Roan Steyn (Boys under 12)

Victor Spirou (Boys under 16)

Shaun Sepuru (Boys under 18)

Ernes Smit (Boys under 20)

Marete Du Plessis (Girls under 10)

Kayleigh Weideman (Girls under 10)

Megan Dinham (Girls under 14)

Anika Du Plessis (Girls under 16)

Ben Hercules and Rudolph Willemse are both joining our region this year on a permanent basis. They are setting up a programme for a Chess Clinic that will be once a month but will be for 4 to 5 hours. The programme and process will be discussed on the tournament. Please indicate if you would be interested in such a clinic. Please also indicated if you would require private coaching from either of them for the year. They are both great coaches.

 For now this is the basics. As mentioned earlier there are changes, and some people will not like the changes but the changes are there to give our players more exposure to chess and to increase their chess ability and confidence. The changes are also there to increase our regions capacity and to get our players positive about the game they like because irrespective of what we as parents want from our kids as chess players it is they who have to sit behind the board and face an opponent. We have to give them the tools to go into the fight and not only come out victorious irrespective of the result but come out of the game positive about chess.

 From our side (EXCO) we would just like to thank the parents and players for their behavior this year at nationals and the excellent spirit and support amongst the players and the parents. Not only that but also the way in which they handled the accommodation, the tournament, each other and the heat for that period. We have great parents and great players and the best region in the country. I would also like to take off my hat for the EXCO team and all the arrangements and work they had to put into the nationals and the year leading up to nationals.


Ekurhuleni Junior EXCO